Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smash Volleyball
Summer '08
Well, another season of Smash Volleyball has come and gone. Since way back in May, we only had two rainy evenings...and still, the die-hards prevailed and showed up to play. As I shared with Big D a few weeks ago, these outings have been so enjoyable to me not only because it's been an opportunity to spend some quality time with friends but also with Marie.
I'm guessin' the time will quickly come when "the teenager" may no longer want to hang out with her ole' dad, so I'm gonna cherish these summer outings as long as possible...course...I could do without the Ace serves and numerous commentaries about my age/ athletic abilities (or lack thereof) from my beloved daughter.
Thanks everyone for an awesome summer of Smash Volleyball!

Friday, August 22, 2008

BEIJING – Maybe it was the gutsiest Olympic performance Kerri Walsh and Misty May had left. Almost certainly, it was the last.

The greatest duo in beach volleyball history did what no other team had done before, seizing their second straight gold medal despite mush-pocked sand and a driving rain that drove a sellout crowd to retreat under ponchos and umbrellas. Walsh ended a pair of 21-18 set victories with a crushing spike between China's Tian Jia
and Wang Jie, extending Walsh’s and May-Treanor’s stunning streak of consecutive wins to 108 matches and counting.
(Yahoo! Sports)

Well if this Olympian success story doesn't provide inspiration for Sandman, Quick Serve, Big D, Altitude, and the rest of our Boettler Park Smash Volleyball Club...not sure what will. We've got one final outdoor outing till we all take the courts- indoor- and begin our quest to become reigning champions of the Chapel's 18+ co-ed volleyball league.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The King Lives

Begrudgingly, Marie appeased her ole' dad and agreed to have her picture taken with Elvis at the ballpark last night. Obviously the rock n' roll king brought good luck as Cliff Lee prevailed to earn his 17th win (tops in the American League/ and lone bright spot for an otherwise dismal baseball season).